Queer Theory for Bottom Feeders

The Ebony Ditch is a show by Third Tower Productions, the duo of Alyssa Honsowetz and Kristy McGowan, fiancees who tour anime conventions around the Midwest United States hosting panels that educate the next generation about queer theory, LGBTQ history, and disability theory through the lens of popular culture. We aim to make highbrow theory fun and accessible to all. To this end, as much as possible, we do away with pompous language, esoteric source material, and stiff, pretentious presentations. We're friends of low theory, unprofessional jokes, self-deprecation, and drunken theorizing. We believe that the theories of the past are worthy of preservation, but subject to eternal revision as the needs of our present society change. And, last but not least, we just want to do what we love: talk way too much about things only a few people actively care about. We hope you'll join us.

Episode 6: The Omnislash Episode


CW: Sexual Assault, Noncon Discussion, Violence. Originally recorded on the way to Colossalcon East 2019. Join us for our first “Roadtrip Episode,” where we talk about Cloud, Omnislash, One Winged Angel, and sexual assault.

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Episode 5: Sephiroth Can't Donate Blood (Feat. Gackt)


Originally recorded shortly before Colossal East 2019. Join us as we lose it over Crisis Core and discuss blood transfusions, queerness, grief, and also Gackt is there.

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Episode 4: (F)Highnal Fantasy VII (Part 4) - CirClackular


In this episode of Highnal Fantasy VII, Kristy and Alyssa finish Final Fantasy VII and discuss grief, queer temporality, and the overall themes and feelings behind the game. CW: Discussions of violence, death, sexual assault

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Episode 3: Highnal Fantasy VII (Part 3)


It's the highest episode yet as we battle mysterious audio issues and discuss Cloud as an intersection of disability, femininity, and of course, queerness.

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